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Animation for kids

Can I touch the real lightning? Or light a bulb from the air? Everything is possible on our show! Here science turns into unbelievable magic, and viewers become the participants of the performance.

Electricity, which is so familiar to us, still holds many secrets. Our unique presentation will help you reveal them. Children will enjoy a spectacular journey into the magical world of science, where everyone can feel their superpowers!

There are no limits to the guys' delight and surprise when they touch the violet flash of lightning! Or light a huge bulb right in the air without any wires! You will not find this fascinating science at school - it could be seen only on our show.

Tesla Show

  • Children 7+ years and adults.

  • Duration 30-40 minutes. It is possible to hold at any time of the day, but it looks better in the dark. The show is held both indoors and outdoors.

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